Monday, August 18, 2008

Random Photo Monday: At the Seaside

Today's photo is a snap of my great-grandmother, Maud Beatrice Palmer (or Beatrice Maud – nobody’s really sure which name was supposed to be first or middle), circa 1903. She’s the short young woman on the right, and would have been about 19 or 20 at the time. The photo was passed on to me by my mother who didn’t really know anything about the other women in the picture. But it’s likely the woman on the left is Maud’s younger sister Annie.

The photograph was probably taken somewhere along the Texas coast – possibly Corpus Christi. The ladies seem to be having trouble keeping their hats on, don’t they? Of course, their outfits aren’t exactly what I’d think of as beach wear. All that clothing on a summer day in Texas must have been unbelievably oppressive, even in a strong breeze. Well, those old girls came from hardy stock.


  1. Again, another photo I have never seen. They are standing dangerously close to the edge of that pier, aren't they? With all those clothes they would sink like a stone if they fell in! I wonder if this was pre-MaMa or post-MaMa?

  2. Since there was no air conditioning, the breezy shore might have been a pleasant change.

  3. boyett-brinkley--
    Good question. If it was "pre" that would mean it would have to be before 1902, wouldn't it?

    Sometimes I don't believe anybody could have lived in Texas before air conditioning. And then I think, wait a minute - I lived in Texas before air conditioning!

  4. Well, I don't know if it is "pre" or "post" but if it was "post" -- where was MaMa? I think that probably is Aunt Annie but I don't know about the middle one.


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