Saturday, August 9, 2008

TV Musings: Olympics Watch

So I'm wondering – did anybody else find the Summer Olympics opening ceremony just a wee bit terrifying? Don't know why, but even though it was certainly spectacular and unique, and parts of it were decidedly gorgeous, it really kind of scared the heck out of me.

It was – well, massive is the word that comes readily to mind. That and overwhelming. And smoky.

But what's with all those drums? And why no female drummers? Especially since they all seemed to be wearing dresses anyway. And I'm afraid the number with everybody dressed up in green lighted space alien costumes had me looking around for the mothership.

But there was plenty to admire, too. I especially liked the flying Apsaras – Buddhist spirits akin to nymphs or muses. They were lovely. Apparently they're also supposed to have something to do with guiding the luck of gamblers. And I imagine there's going to be lots of that going on during the games.

And, of course, the parade of nations is always stirring and fun to watch. It's always so interesting to see what everyone's wearing. I thought the U.S. team looked very snazzy in their Ralph Lauren duds, although white pants aren't really something that every body type can get away with. But the caps were very cute.

I kept hearing bagpipes off in the distance, but never saw any pipers. Well, we tuned away for a while at 9 and watched the new episode of Monk, so we didn't see every minute of the ceremonies. Too bad because I love bagpipes. And kilts. And Scotland. So I guess I'll have to start looking around on the internet and see if I can find the videos.

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  1. Yes, I watched and I was awe struck. I thought it was the best opening I had seen in a long time. However -- I told A that I sure wouldn't want to be IN that stadium -- Bird's Nest -- with all those fireworks going off around me. His remark was -- about the drummers -- "those are the ugliest women I have ever seen". Always humorous, A is. However, I enjoyed every minute of it -- never saw the pipers -- and I am looking forward to the closing -- they are always sad to me.


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