Saturday, August 9, 2008

A Very Weird Meme That I Found on My Cousin's Blog

My cousin MLB has started a new blog on WordPress (Brinkley's Place), and I've been doing some checking up on her tonight. That's where I found this meme (although I think a version has been around for a while, I've never tried it before). And even though my answers aren't as funny as hers, I couldn't resist trying it myself.

The idea is this: Google your name plus the word "needs," see what results you get, and then pick ten. So here goes.
  1. Joy needs tragedy. I am not making this up – it was the very first thing that popped up.
  2. Joy needs to make bail and get out of jail. Okey dokey. I guess Joy got some of that tragedy she supposedly needed, huh?
  3. Joy needs a better understanding of the nature of evil. Not so. Joy has worked for tax accountants and research economists and therefore Joy knows all about the subject.
  4. Joy needs training and experience. Sounds like we're getting a little kinky here, doesn't it?
  5. Joy needs to take a lesson and step to the back of the line. Sheesh – and after all that training and experience, I still have to step to the back of the line? What a rip off! I wanna talk to my Union rep.
  6. Joy needs to be near the heartbeat of our happiness in a delivery room. OK, this is getting really scary. Joy does NOT need to be in a delivery room in any way, shape, or form – with or without the heartbeat of our happiness.
  7. Joy needs to delete files on error due to stuff. Say what?
  8. Joy needs a foster home. Yes, please – preferably with maid service and its own private beach.
  9. Joy needs a dream man. Joy already has a dream man – she's married to him.
  10. Joy needs to shut her big mouth! Amen, brother!
But my favorite didn't really exactly adhere to the requirements. It was this : Does the world need another Joy? And the answer is obviously NO. I'm quite enough Joy all by myself.

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  1. Yours are funny! I decided not to use one of mine and skip on to the next. It said I needed a man. Well, I have man and he is man enough for me. The only one of mine I found humorous was about the blobship and that was funny in a sick and twisted way.


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