Saturday, November 29, 2008

Friday Fill-Ins #100

OK – I realize it's not Friday anymore. But I couldn't let number 100 pass by without putting in my two cents. So, better late than never, here are my Friday Fill-Ins on Saturday:

1. My stomach is very glad Thanksgiving is over, but very happy that it got to enjoy some of its favorite eats.

2. Too much of everything is what I ate the most of on Thursday. (Probably not a very original thought today, I know.)

3. The yard is just a fond memory for me, since moving into the highrise condo. (We have a park out front, but it's not the same as having one's own yard.)

4. Anywhere my hubby is is where I'd rather be at any given time. (As long as he's not wearing that brown fleece vest that makes him look like he should be crouching in a bog somewhere, waiting for shot at some ducks.)

5. The smell of Old Spice aftershave reminds me of my father. (This was a tough one. So many things come to mind.)

6. Alka-Seltzer is what I need right now!

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to (well, technically "tonight" is over now and I was looking forward to watching "The Polar Express" on TV, and I did watch it and enjoyed it once again – why don't I just buy the DVD, I wonder?), tomorrow my plans include grocery shopping and getting all our errands run because it's supposed to snow or rain or both on Sunday, and Sunday, I want to stay out of the bad weather, address some Christmas cards, and get some reading done!


  1. Hi!
    Love your list! I really need to be busy with my Christmas cards. Thanks for stopping by my place. Take Care!!


  2. Hai Karate reminds me of my Dad ;-) Man, I'm so behind visiting people, I'm sorry!


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