Monday, September 28, 2009

Blue Monday: Mystery Doll in Blue

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I don't really have much blue around the place, except in my doll collection. So today I thought I'd show off my Toni Doll. She's an early 1950s doll, made by the Ideal Toy Corporation ("It's a wonderful toy! It's Ideal!"). She's made from hard plastic, about 16 inches tall, and is in absolutely mint condition. She came with her original (blue) outfit, box, wrist tag, and all the proper accouterments: curlers, shampoo creme, and "play wave" (a sugar-water solution). But I'm pretty sure Toni never had her platinum hair "done" – it's still in the original set.
The reason I call her a mystery doll is because of the slightly cryptic piece of writing we found penciled on her box. The note simply says "Last Christmas." The dealer we bought her from said she had been put away for over forty years in an attic or the top of someone's closet, and never played with. Well, the "never played with" part is obvious – she looks like she was just slipped out of Santa's bag. And I took the note to mean that the doll was received at Christmas last year, about fifty years ago. But my husband, who is a much more creative thinker (and just a teeny bit sentimental sometimes) came up with a sad and rather spooky scenario about a doll received on a child's last Christmas (as in final Christmas – as in somebody died), and then put away untouched and un-played with for nearly half a century.

Well, that's intriguing but very depressing, so I choose to go with my own first impressions and ignore my hubby's little flight of fantasy. But should he be writing short stories, or what?


  1. I went right to the dark side, too, and thought it was for some little girl who died.
    Hope you'll stop by and check out my giveaway on this lovely Blue Monday.

  2. I like your idea better -- but Michael is probably right, sorry to say.

  3. oooooooooooo my would have done the same thing i guess... awwww...

  4. Was the handwriting that of a child? I'm thinking that a child would leave a note like this, while an adult might leave the date. I'm wishing you a delightful Blue Monday.

  5. Wow, who will ever know? I like your thought best but the dark thought could definitely be possible. Anyway, lucky you to have her now. she is a real treasure.

    Hugs, Jeanne

  6. Oh, my. I hope you are the one who is right, Though I must admit Your husband is probably correct. I hope you are having a wonderful day.

  7. Maybe her hairdresser told her that her set would last until Christmas. ;-)

  8. Interesting to say the least Joy.
    I just pulled out a Birks box that have my Aunty's pearls. We had no clue as to when they were purchased... till I lifted the bottom velvet lid... there in her writing was "Bought in 1945 at Birks jewellers"...
    Birks is like your Tiffany's here in Canada... I'm so happy to have them.
    Happy blue Monday
    Love Claudie

  9. What a cute doll, and very depressing story.

  10. Who knows???? A child may not have died... Maybe the child had so many toys (you know that some do) that this one just got put away. OR--maybe someone thought she was too pretty to play with. Now--that is sad!!!!

    Glad you got her, Joy. She's gorgeous. OH--this brought back so many memories.

    AND--I'm one who had many Toni perms when I was young.... GADS!!!!



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