Monday, September 21, 2009

Random Photo Monday: Greetings from Methuselah

Friday was my birthday. Never mind how old (old enough to know better, as my mother used to say). And this year I only got one birthday card – from my cousin MLB (thanks, Cuzzie!). We grew up together, and I can always depend on her for a card that cheers me up and brings me a few chuckles. Aside from that, the only birthday greeting I got was an email ad from Borders! Sad, but true – it's come to that. Well, my hubby did tell me "Happy Birthday" when he woke me up Friday morning, and he let me sleep late which was sweet. But there was no cute and mushy birthday card waiting at breakfast, and no nicely wrapped package containing chocolates or diamonds this year. Bummer.

But the thing that really made me sad was that there was no card from M's mom. Usually, I can expect my mother-in-law to remember even if no one else does. But she's been having a lot of health problems this year, and she's still recovering from a fall she suffered last November that left her with some pretty serious head injuries. So she's doing really well to remember her own birthday – can't expect her to be sending out birthday cards right now. And since my mother and grandmothers are gone now, I've come to realize (with something of a jolt), that I've suddenly become one of the matriarchs in both my family and M's. The ones who remember birthdays and keep track of all the family history. How did that happen?

So, anyway, in honor of my own appearance on the scene, I'm putting up a shot of moi at my very first birthday party back in the foggy mists of time. Yes, I know it's self-centered and egotistical. But those are privileges that come with advanced age. And I know the photo is pretty blurry (well, I said it was the foggy mists of time, didn't I?) – but it's the best one of the bunch from that day. My mother was the photographer and she was never very handy with a camera. Generally, people in her photos ended up with no heads or only half a body, so this is one of the really successful shots!


  1. Oh I'm sorry about your lack of Birthday Greetings, cards, notes, and gifts.

    Every year i wait and hope for some kind of over the top, unforgettable birthday celebration.
    It does not usually happen, but as i am learning to be grateful for the little things, i am happy with just about anything.

    One year, rather than wait and hope for big birthday bash, I decided to give all in my family presents instead of wait for some for me.
    It was wonderful.
    I had so much fun shopping for little gifts for them, I forgot about wanting gifts for myself.
    And of course everyone loved it, (and hoped it would be a yearly event---NOT!) =0)

    So, belated birthday bash greetings!!

    hugs from afar.

    barbara jean

    PS This year I got just what i had on my list and loved it!!
    Two toilet seats and a new toilet brush. =0))

  2. I have never seen this photo! I have some of you as a newborn but I have never seen this. Very cute! I am so sorry about your MIL -- mine fell a couple of days ago and went in for xrays yesterday.

    Being the matriarch isn't a bad place to be -- sort of like the queen of the family! It is an important position and you are doing a good job of it.

    A isn't too good with birthdays either -- more of a "what do you want--I will go get it" sort of situation and then I realize that "what I want" isn't the point. If you were here we would grab the Briester and go have a girls night out -- in fact, let's plan that for next year! Or, we could have girls night in and send the boys packing. Yes, if you are back in Texas next year that is what we will do -- I promise. Put it on the calendar!

    I copied your photo, BTW!


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