Thursday, December 10, 2009

Touring the White House (Not)

M and I almost got invitations for a special Christmas tour of the White House. Almost. But we got our request in just a few minutes too late, so now our names are on a waiting list – along with several thousand others, I'm sure.

Funny. When M gave up his teaching career and went to work for the Feds many years ago, I somehow imagined that the move to Washington would mean a constant round of official gatherings, embassy parties, and Kennedy Center openings. Alas, that was not to be. What happened was that we both disappeared into that faceless crowd of "Washington workers" living in the 'burbs, who descend into the depths of DC everyday and do whatever it is they do to earn their daily bread and latte. Just like faceless crowds of workers in all other parts of the world. And then in the evening we struggled back to suburbia and home and our usual hectic but boring routine – much too tired and disgruntled to regret the fact that Ben Bradlee and Sally Quinn once again had not invited us to their latest soiree.

In the twenty-plus years we've been at it now, I think the only official White House "thing" I've attended was a reception for (I believe) the President of Japan back in the '80s. It was held on the White House lawn, and in those pre-terrorism-scare days, there really wasn't much security to speak of. I think someone gave my purse a cursory glance, but I'm not sure there were even metal detectors to pass. Well, we had invitations and we were government workers (well, some of us were) and they trusted us. Mainly what I remember about the event is that there were a lot of very colorful military types present, and it was a beautiful day.

And looking at my photos from the time, I'm also amazed at what a lot of hair I had.

Oh, well. The White House can wait, I suppose. I've got my own Christmas decorations to look at. And Christmas cards that need addressing. And garlands that need draping. Oh, and I haven't put out my Kringle Bear or my Rudolph playset yet. So there's plenty to keep me busy – and I don't even have to dress up to do it!


  1. I'm sorry you didn't get on the list but at least you live close enough to even consider getting on the list. And yes, you did have a lot of hair! And it did look like a lovely day there. And your decorations sound very nice -- you should take pics and post them.

  2. Oh darnit it sweetie...
    I am so sorry you didn't get your invitation. At least you can walk by and say hi to yourself. I have done that, walk by and take pictures from a distance. I didn't think it looked that large at all up close. I expected it would be much bigger, it always looked so grand on TV. Even the White House lawn doesn't look that deep standing at the gates looking in.

    Well have a wonderful evening sweetie. Who knows maybe you will be next on the list for subs.

    Have a great evening sweetie.

    Country hugs...Sherry

  3. You probably did not miss too much. Looks to me like you were having a better time just doing your own thing. Thanks for your visit.


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