Monday, September 30, 2013

Blue Monday: Favorite Cup

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First of all, please forgive the messy kitchen in the background -- although, this qualifies as pretty tidy in my world.  What we have here is my favorite cup, bought back in the mid-1970s (from either Crate & Barrel or Pottery Barn, as I recall). Lovely painting of a blue cat on white ceramic.  I'm sure you've seen them before.  Well, it's actually a mug.  And this is not the original favorite cup. It's a replacement. A few weeks back, I broke my favorite cup while making tea. Dropped it on the granite counter top and smashed it to smithereens (OK -- maybe not smithereens, but there was a major crack down the front and a lot of chipping).  That's one of the problems with these granite counters -- they look pretty, but they're cold and unforgiving.

Anyhoo -- I was devastated.  And angry.  And depressed.  So, the hubby (like the problem-solver he is) immediately got on the interweb and found the exact same mug, for sale on eBay.  As a collectible, of course.  It was in perfect condition (a bit better than my old one, actually), so he bought it and it arrived within a few days.  I dried my tears and had a cuppa.

But I'm holding onto the original, chipped mug, too.  Well, you know -- a thirty-something-year relationship with a favorite utensil dies hard.


  1. You have a wonderful husband who has the good sense to keep his wife happy.

    Happy Blue Monday, Joy!

  2. Your hubby is a keeper. Le Cat is a fave of mine. I'm sorry for your old friend though. I would still love to have granite on my counters. Smile.
    xo, Jeanne

  3. Sorry to hear about your cup but so glad your hubby was sweet enough to find another one for you.

  4. I do shed tears over old favorites lost or broken, when they have followed me around from place to place and over the years. I have a blue mug, too, with penguins on it. My youngest son gave it to me thirty years ago when he was twelve. Now my youngest grandson loves to drink from it and share the story of Uncle Chris giving it to Nana.

    I hate when something I treasure is great that you found the same mug on e-bay.

  5. I know just how you feel -- I have cried over things like that as well. The only difference is that Hubs is the one to do the breaking and it is usually my stuff. Sweet of M to find a replacement but I would be holding on to the original as well.


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