Sunday, September 22, 2013

Unconscious Mutterings: Week 556

This week's mutterings from

1. Laceration :: scar
2. Shower :: Janet Leigh / Alfred Hitchcock / Psycho (sorry, but I think about that scene almost EVERY time I take a shower)
3. Filed :: income tax / finger nails
4. Possibility :: probably not (guess I'm one of those glass-half-empty people)
5. Horror :: Seinfeld (it's complicated -- in one episode John O'Hurley as J. Peterman says "The horror!" which is a reference to or rip-off of Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness.  Hmmmm.  Probably should have just gone with "Stephen King.")
6. Entry :: wound (been watching way too many true-crime shows)
7. Hospital :: place to stay away from
8. Switched :: on / off / at birth
9. Guilty :: pleasures / as charged / by association
10. Mistake :: too many

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