Monday, September 23, 2013

Blue Monday: Gardening Blues

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OK.  Monday again.  And a couple of gardening-related shots today.

First is a photo of one of the vines growing in our back garden.  It's very attractive, and very drought-resistant, which is important in this part of the world.  Having lived in city apartments most of our lives, M and I aren't veteran gardeners, and we were a little mystified when we saw this blooming in the spring -- it looked like grapevine, but the leaves didn't really look like the leaves we generally associated with grape plants.  And when the fruit appeared this summer and started turning a deep, dark blue (officially they're supposed to be black, but ours are more like a dark navy) it looked something like grapes, but just a little different.  M kept saying maybe we should just eat one and see if they tasted like grapes.  Fortunately, I never let him do that because I've since found out that the plant is something called Grape Ivy (or Sorrelvine, Ivy Treebine, or Possum Grape), and is definitely NOT edible. 

But the berries have been disappearing all summer long, so somebody around here obviously thinks they're tasty.

Even though my allergies have been keeping me inside lately, I'd still like to do some gardening out on our patio -- so I've been shopping around for containers.  And while browsing the offerings at our local hardware store, I noticed this display of blue plastic pots.  Didn't bring any of them home because I'm looking for something a little more subdued for our place.  But this color just really grabs the eye, doesn't it?

(Click on photos to enlarge.)


  1. That blue would be pretty with some splash of whites and blues.

  2. Yep, blue does grab the eye, but I must confess that I prefer more subtle tones in pots.

    I think perhaps you've got bird chomping away on those vines.

    Thanks for being so faithful to Blue Monday, and for sharing your blues.

  3. Cool blues. Thanks for sharing. Mine are vintage today. Come by and see me.
    Have a good week.

  4. Pretty blue of the pot ~ Great shot ~ carol, ^_^

  5. I love that blue, would prefer the pots in stone instead of plastic though.

  6. I love going to hardware stores. No reason. I like the blue cups.

  7. Hi Joy
    I had to laugh - you're just like me! No, those pots are not what I'm after.... but they'll look good on the Blue Monday Blog - and they do!!
    Shame if you can't eat the grapes! Hope the birds or other critters don't get a sore tummy!

  8. They are lovely! And the deer probably enjoy the berries. However, you are right, don't go sampling anything!


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