Thursday, September 12, 2013

Joy Needs Revisited

A few years back, this meme was going around the blogs (I got it from my cousin), and I tried it out.  My husband even had a go at it.  The idea is to do a Google search for your name + "needs" and write down the top ten results.  Well, it turned out to be really funny, so I thought I'd do an updated search. (Yeah, it's been one of those days.)  Here's what I came up with:

Joy needs…
... a miracle (Not really -- it’s just this haircut that makes it look that way.)

... to learn from history, and not be a chicken (Actually, Joy considers herself quite brave. Didn't she move back to Texas with hardly a whimper?)

... to mix a 30% alcohol solution with a 60% alcohol solution (Hell yeah! Bottoms up, ya'll.)

... a forever home (Sorry, Sweetie -- it’s too late to put me up for adoption.)

... help (Well, that’s obvious -- especially after all that alcohol mixing.)

... your help to eat again (No, that must be some other Joy. I NEVER need help eating.)

... Zoey, a specially trained diabetic alert dog (Uh. Well, I'd love to have a dog.  But so far, diabetes is one of the few problems I DON’T have. )

... to exit (But she just got here!)

... a fresh start with fresh owners (My husband just has to have rigged this.)

... her own show on a major network (Right on!!! Now that’s the first statement I can really AGREE with!)

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