Monday, June 15, 2020

Blue Monday: Summer Sky Blues

I haven't posted anything for Blue Monday in a very long time. Actually, I've only just started blogging again after almost letting this blog fade away. I've always wished I could be one of those reliable people who post something everyday, but I'm very lazy. And I live a really boring life, ya'll! Don't get me wrong -- I like it that way! But it doesn't give me much to blog about.

Anyhoo...back to Blue Monday. I know it's not summer yet, officially, but it certainly seems like summer around here. (Yay!) And lately we've been having some gorgeous, deep blue skies. Just like this one....

Also a little boring, I guess; but I love them.

But the other day we had some pretty interesting cloud cover that looked just like feathers. Almost like some giant bird had dropped them overhead. Not sure what caused them, but they hung around long enough for me to get a snap, then wafted away. (Like this blog keeps trying to do!)

Happy Blue Monday, everyone! Hope you have a lovely, colorful week.

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  1. The blog everyday blogs usually aren't worth reading because there's so much when you have something to share, I say! Love the cloud shot!


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