Sunday, June 14, 2020

Sunday Stealing: The Household Meme

Time for a little Sunday Stealing (hosted by Bev Sykes)  — questions lifted from all over the blogosphere.

This week's list is borrowed from MimiWrites.

1. How many gravy boats do you have in your kitchen?
One, I think. It's stored way up on one of the highest shelves in our kitchen, and I can't really even see it without getting on a stepladder. I don't make a lot of gravy.
2. Do the clothes in your laundry basket need ironing?
Well, around here things get ironed as we need them. Otherwise, they just get put away wrinkled.
3. What is the last thing you wallpapered?
I have never wallpapered anything. I was going to put wallpaper in a kitchen once upon a time, and even bought a couple of very expensive rolls of the stuff. Then decided it was too busy for our tiny kitchen (we were living in an apartment at the time), and gave up on the project. So I don't know if I'd be any good at wallpapering. But I'm VERY good at giving up on projects.
4.  Wooden floors or carpet?
I love wood floors and that's mainly what we have, although we do have carpet in a couple of areas. I actually don't mind carpet, and think it's especially nice in bedrooms. But I have asthma and allergies, and carpet is not the best choice for me.
5.  Why do we put out guest towels if no one is supposed to use them?
Well, we don't actually have "guest towels." We have a bathroom that we call the guest bath and we do have some different towels for that room, but mainly just because its color scheme is different from the one in our master bath. So around here, the guests really just get the same towels we use ourselves. I do try not to put out the ones with holes or bleached patches or ragged edges.
6.  If your spatula could talk, what would it say about your duvet?
Probably "where the heck is that duvet?" I don't have a duvet. I do have several spatulas.
7.  Have you replaced the batteries in your smoke alarms this year?
Um, I think so. That's the hubby's job and he's pretty dependable about those sorts of things. So I'm gonna go with Yes.
8. If you could put thyme in a bottle, what is the first thing that you'd like to do?
Thyme? Or time? And could I take them out of the bottle to use them? Thyme is not one of my favorite spices and I don't use it much. Time, on the other hand, is something I'm always happy to have plenty of.
9. Do eggs really crack or do they merely have a nervous breakdown?
I'm not sure what a nervous breakdown in an egg would look like. And can you avoid such a problem by coddling your eggs?
10. Why are you whipping the butter? What did it ever do to you?
Mostly just wrecked my gall bladder. But I don't whip the butter. Just switched to margarine.
11. Do your spoons spoon in the drawer? Have you ever noticed? And more importantly, if wooden spoons spoon do they get splinters?
Actually, yes they do. Get splinters, that is. (They spoon too, but that's OK -- they're spoons.) And they give splinters to the people who use them. And to avoid spoon splinters in the fingers (or, worse, in the tummy) I have purged all drawers of wooden implements and replaced them with acrylics. They don't splinter; they do melt.
12. You hear: "Dumpling, my Dumpling, come hither." The candles are lit, the fondue is dipping, the Godiva is pouring, the scallions are steaming and the music is playing.....but wait, the windows are open.  Why did you close them?
I have absolutely no idea. But if anyone ever called me Dumpling, the fondue would be pouring all over his head.
13. Do you need a recipe to cook or are you a bohemian chef?
I do need a recipe for most things. There are just a few things I'm really good at cooking without a recipe. I make a great meatloaf, and a fantastic pot roast. I'm also pretty good at fried chicken. Unfortunately, those are things we never eat anymore. I never fry anything, and I haven't cooked beef in over twenty years.
14. Is your pot black?
Hmmm. I think I do have a black cast iron skillet, but I have no idea where it might be hiding. Haven't used it in decades.
15. What is the sexiest spice or condiment in your cabinet?  What makes it so? 
No comment on this one, folks. I'm much too old to know what makes anything sexy. Most spices just give me indigestion.



  1. ha! good one on the spices, and coddling the eggs too... where is the duvet?? where in the world is the duvet? My new rallying cry!
    LeeAnna at not afraid of color

  2. Your solution for saving the mental health of eggs is brilliant.
    I'll try to be more sensitive from now on.

  3. #12 I think I’d add that I would find a creative use for those fondue forks too! 😂
    Enjoyed your answers.

  4. Good response for 9. I do enjoy butter on my toast. i think my husband was the last person to use the gravy boat since he does a lot of cooking.


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