Sunday, June 1, 2008

Tagged: Six Random Things About Me

Karen Vanuska has tagged me with one of the "Random Things About Me" memes (thanks, Karen). Took me a while to come up with six things that are even mildly interesting! Well, they may not be all that interesting, but they are random.

1. I'm a night owl, and not a morning person (wait – maybe that's two things . . . oh, well).

2. I don't like the color orange (except on oranges).

3. I'm a terrible cook, but I'm a pretty good baker.

4. I love jigsaw puzzles, especially around Christmas time – I always have one going then. I can very happily work on the same puzzle for days at a time.

5. I'm part German, part Welsh, part English, part Dutch, and part Cherokee.

6. I've seen three ghosts in my lifetime – two human ghosts and one cat.

I know I'm supposed to tag six other people now, but so far, nearly everybody I've come up with has already done this one. I'll have to find some new "tagees" I think will actually play along! For now, I'm just passing this one on to:


1 comment:

  1. I agree with 2 and 4, although I haven't done a jigsaw recently -I keep meaning to start another one!

    I'm part English and part Welsh.


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