Saturday, May 19, 2018

Saturday 9: Last Night a DJ Saved My Life!

The Saturday 9  is hosted by Sam Winters. Nine questions posted every Saturday — sometimes random, sometimes with a theme. This week, the theme is...

"Last Night a DJ Saved My Life!"
Indeep (1982)

I have to admit, I don't remember this song or the video. Which is odd, since I was a real MTV junkie back in the early '80s. But somehow this one got past me. I like it -- it's got a good beat and you can dance to it.

1. This song is about a girl who is heartbroken about a boy who won't take her calls. Do you screen your calls, deciding to let some go to voicemail? Or do you pick up whenever you possibly can? (We're referring to calls from people you know.)
In general, if someone I know (not a telemarketer) is calling, I pick up. We have a service on our phones now that blocks robo-callers, so we don't get that many unknowns anymore.
2. When she was feeling her lowest, she heard a song on the radio that lifted her spirits. What's the last thing you heard on the radio?
"Love For Sale" by Miles Davis.
3. This song includes the sound of squeaky wheels, indicating a sudden stop and perhaps a near-miss. Tell us about your most recent traffic mishap.
Well, driving around the Austin area, you can have a lot of near-misses. We haven't had an actual "mishap" lately, that goodness.
4. "Last Night a DJ Saved My Life!" is featured in the 2002 video game, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. Do you spend much time on video games?
I spend exactly 0 time on video games. Never got into that.
5. This week's featured artist, Indeep, was a trio. We've had many groups, some duos and tons of solo artists on Saturday 9, but not many trios. Can you name another popular trio?
Music trio? The first that comes to mind is Crosby Stills & Nash. But also Peter, Paul & Mary, the Kingston Trio, the Supremes, the Bee Gees, ZZ Top.... Non-musical? The Three Stooges.
6. The last time Indeep performed together was in 1997, at a New Year's Eve show in Paris for French TV. Have you celebrated a holiday in another land?
Not really. We were once in England on the 4th of July, but we didn't exactly celebrate the day (not much of a holiday in England).
7. Britain's Royal Family is in the news this weekend, with attention centered on the nuptials. The Royals made news in 1982, as well. When this song was popular, Michael Fagan gained momentary fame by breaking into Buckingham Palace. He found The Royal Bedroom, where he came face-to-face with the Queen. He reports that Queen Elizabeth sleeps in a nightie that "reached down to her knees." What did you wear to bed last night?
A nightie that reached down to my knees. It was blue.
8. In 1982, you could buy a loaf of white bread for 50¢. Today, the national average price for that loaf of bread is more than $2.50. When you go grocery shopping, do you comparison shop and make purchases at more than one store? Or do you prefer one-stop shopping?
We usually shop at more than one place, just because we're very brand-loyal and different stores have different brands. We don't really comparison shop as much as we should.
9. Random question: What's the first famous quote that comes to your mind?
"To be or not to be: that is the question."

Happy Saturday, everyone!
And have a great weekend.

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  1. Your answer to #8 could be mine. Exactly.

  2. I suppose July 4th isn't really a holiday in England... given it's significance.

  3. My phone company wants a lot of money to "block" calls, so I put up with it on the landline. Mostly I don't answer the phone unless it is a local number, but there is a lot of spoofing of local numbers out there lately, and calls to the phone company to put a stop to this go unheeded. We have to have a landline because of my husband's job or I'd consider getting rid of it.

  4. I never got into video games either. I just don't have the time for them.


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