Sunday, June 18, 2017

Sunday Stealing: The Ginormous Questions

What's this all about? All types of questions stolen from every corner of the blogosphere. (Go HERE to find out more.) This week we have The Ginormous Questions.
  1. Are you single?

    No. M and I had our 50th anniversary last year.
  2. Are your parents still married?

    My father died at age 37, when I was 10. He and my mother were still married when he died; my mom never remarried.
  3. Are you in love?

  4. Do you believe in love at first sight?

    Yes. I'm certain that it happens all the time. (Thank you, John Lennon and Paul McCartney.)
  5. Who ended your last relationship?

    I did. But he deserved it.
  6. Have you ever been hurt by a break up?

  7. Have you ever broken someone’s heart?

    I think so.
  8. Have you ever had a secret admirer?

  9. Prefer love or lust?

    Love, but they're both pretty nice.
  10. Prefer a few best friends or many regular friends?

    A few besties. I don't have the energy for a lot of friends.
  11. Wild night out or romantic night in?

    I'm too old for this question.
  12. Back in the day: Been caught sneaking out?

    Not that I remember. Been caught sneaking into a few places.
  13. Ever wanted something/someone so badly it hurt?

  14. Who are/is your best friend(s)?

    I've answered this one a lot lately. The Hubs is my best friend.
  15. Ever wanted to disappear?

    Many times.
  16. First attraction: Smile or eyes?

    Usually the smile.
  17. Prefer intelligence or attraction?

    Why not both? Intelligence is very attractive.
  18. Last phone call you received?

    I'm pretty sure it was from a telemarketer.
  19. Last thing you drank?

    Starbucks Pike Place with a little raw sugar, no cream.
  20. Before your current one, when was your last relationship?

    Oh, honey — that's going back a long, long time. I met my husband in high school and we started dating just before graduation. So that would have been several centuries ago. (My last "relationship" before that was with the best friend of the man I eventually married. Yeah, I left one for the other one. And they remained friends. Go figure.)
  21. Do you and your family get along?

    I try to get along with everyone. Sometimes that's not easy.
  22. Would you say you have a "screwed up life"?

    Absolutely not. I've been very fortunate in life.
  23. Have you ever gotten kicked out somewhere? If yes, do tell.

    Yes. Once many years ago (many, MANY years ago), I had to be carried out of a bar after I drank myself into oblivion and collapsed on a table. The people I was with were pretty smashed too, and the management told them to get me out of there and not to come back. I never did go back. Not sure about the rest of the group.
  24. Do you trust all your friends?

    I don't have a ton of friends, but they're all pretty trustworthy.
  25. Who knows the most about you?

    Definitely my hubby.


  1. Congratulations on 50 years! I was 2 when you got married. ;)

  2. 50 years of marriage! That's tremendous. Congratulations. (And sometimes I think we need memes for people who are, um, of a certain age, as opposed to teenagers.)

  3. re 11: YES! Exactly!! And my 18 answer is the same as yours, unfortunately. And like Kwizgiver, I too feel blessed to have had the life I've had.

  4. I forgot to do this but I have to say your answers are much more interesting than mine would have been.


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