Monday, January 5, 2009

Blue Monday: The Blues of Texas

I think I've already blogged a couple of times about the fact that I'm in the (very long-term) process of converting all our slides into digital photos for computer storage. It's slow-going and we've got thousands of slides from the 1960s through the early 1990s, so obviously I'll never get the project finished in this lifetime. Anyway, that accounts for the relatively poor quality of this photo.
So yesterday I was looking through some of the slides from way back before we moved away from our native state, and lo and behold – yes, there I am actually sitting in a field of bluebonnets. Miles and miles of them. Pretty appropriate for a San Antonio girl, right?

Ah, and I do miss those bluebonnets – it's been over twenty years since I saw the real thing, in bloom. Well, if you're a Texan, the eyes of Texas are always upon you, as the song says, and I guess the memory of those beautiful blue flowers is always with you.

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  1. I clicked on the picture to enlarge it, and oh my--I'd have that framed if I were you! Thanks for sharing. Happy Blue Monday.

  2. Betsy has been talking about taking me to see the bluebonnets of Texas for several years now. We haven't made it yet. Your picture makes me more eager to see them.

  3. Oh Joy--this brings back memories of my days in Texas. We loved to go to Brenham and Chapel Hill every year to the Bluebonnet Festival. I loved seeing the Bluebonnets, Indian Paintbrush and other wildflowers. I need to pull out my pictures sometime.

    Thanks for the memories.

  4. Great picture but I am surprised you weren't sneezing your head off. I enlarged the picture and at a glance, it could be Bri. Genes are amazing things, aren't they?

  5. Gorgeous, Joy! I have always wanted to see a field of these in person. So glad to see this photograph. It's lovely!

    Happy Blue Monday!



  6. glad you posted this I love bluebonnets.

  7. Blue bonnets are beautiful. Nice post. Happy Blue Monday!

  8. How nice that you are converting your slides although I'm sure that it is time consuming. This picture is absolutely beautiful. I love the bluebonnets. Happy Blue Monday!

  9. Joy.. you are right.. I don't think there is anything more beautifully "blue" than a field of Texas Bluebonnets in spring... We're not expecting them to be very good in the San Antonio area this year due to the drought... but if they are... I promise a Bluebonnet post in the spring!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog on my very first Blue Monday. I have to agree with you regarding the Lladro... most of the pieces are too ornate for my tastes... but I do like the brides/grooms, Angels and the Nuns... so that's all I ever collect - but honestly only have a few pieces!

    Hope you have a chance to stop back by French Lique for Wordless Wednesday!

    Happy New Year, Dixie

  10. Good luck with the project.

    I have never seen a bluebonnet. From your photo, they look absolutely beautiful.

  11. My niece lived in Texas when she was small and I have a photo of her in a field of blue bonnets. The flowers are so beautiful. I can see why you will never forget them. Nice blue Monday post.


  12. Hi!
    That's a beautiful Photo! I'm with Sally, I'd frame it! Thanks for stopping by my place. Have a great day!!


  13. I bet those bluebonnets are breathtaking in person....nice find!

  14. what a beautiful blue Monday post! Thanks for stopping by


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