Saturday, January 10, 2009

Bracing Myself for the Future

Yes, it looks like it's come to this – as it probably does to most of us who do a lot of "computer-ing." My right hand and wrist were so painful yesterday, I really couldn't use them. And I'm extremely right-handed, so that was pretty depressing. Finally, I took M's advice and tried the wrist brace he'd bought me. It's ugly and it itches, but it does seem to ease the pain quite a bit.

Of course, the whole episode has resulted in a lot of cutting back on my blogging activities. Oh, well – more time for reading, I guess. (Look on the bright side, JL.)

Now what I want to know is – do these things come in any more attractive colors?


  1. Joy, I had to wear one of those for a couple of months several years ago. Fortunately, I've had no problems since. I hope the same will be true for you.

  2. Oh I'm sorry to hear this, Joy.. For a computer person, this is not good news. Hope the brace helps and you'll be fine soon. In the meantime, enjoy your reading.

  3. Oh, so that is what the wrist brace is about. Whew -- I should have read this before I freaked out in my email. Ok, you want to pretty it up? Stickers. There are all sorts of cool stickers out. You could go one step farther and do beads and sequins but I think stickers would cheer you right up!!! You need to let it rest and, as MaMa would tell you -- rub it with wintergreen alcohol or like Aunt Linnie would tell you -- soak it in epsom salts.

  4. depressing.. really it is... i also felt an excruciating pain, the whole of my right shoulder last saturday... but glad that i feel better right now...

    i guess it's becoz of computer typing also, plus the cold climate that we're actually experiencing here in the Philippines...

    hope you'll feel better too soon...


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