Monday, January 5, 2009

This Is Not a Christmas Tree

No, it's a very old potted palm, in dire need of repotting. It's my photo of the day, and it's occupying its regular place in our living room – after having to move to temporary quarters while the Christmas tree usurped its position. Yesterday we took down the tree, put away all the decorations, and ate the last of the Christmas goodies. So now the Holidays are over, and it's back to normal life, normal decor – and normal dieting.


  1. We've started taking down our Christmas decorations as well. Unfortunately it's a multi-day operation.

  2. Joy---That poor little palm needs something---maybe a window where it can get some light. I don't have any 'inside' potted plants anymore---after killing many through the years. I'll stick to outside flowers and plants and shrubs!!!! They do better for me!!!



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