Thursday, January 8, 2009

Darkness At the Break of Noon

Well, not quite noon. This was actually taken around 1PM yesterday. But those lyrics from Dylan's song kept running through my mind all day. There was no sun - just cold, murky rain and fog. My seasonal affective disorder is kicking in. Excuse me while I go turn on every light in the apartment.


  1. Our skies have looked exactly like that for several days now. I'm ready for some blue skies!

  2. Thats one really bad thing about winter, unless there is snow on the ground it just looks depressing outside. Don't feel bad I keep all the lights on in the house. LOL hubby walks behind me turning them off.

  3. Joy, We've had tons and tons of rain this week also--with drab skies!!!! I'm ready for spring.. You????

  4. It is still a pretty picture but don't let the SAD kick in -- keep the lights on and open the windows if you are able to now. That is what I do. It doesn't matter that it is ughy outside -- I can't stand the feeling of being close up in the house!

  5. Joy, you need to get a sun lamp. A friend of mine's son has SAD and went north from Florida to school. The doctor prescribed a sun lamp. I have a bit of this myself, and I crave light! :-)




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