Monday, December 8, 2008

Blue Monday: Summertime Blues

Around this time of year, all the reds and greens and golds and silvers of Christmas get a little overwhelming. And at any moment, the grays and browns of the outdoors could be smothered in white snow.

I love the holiday season, but right now I really miss those clear blue summertime days by the pool and on the beach.

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And the Christmas dolls in my Random Photo Monday post would love it if you'd pay a visit and say hi!

Hope your Monday isn't too blue.


  1. Well, if you miss these nice scenes, COME ON DOWN! We have plenty here in South Florida. Happy Blue Monday!

  2. I didn't realize until I saw these pictures how much I miss the blues of summer. Thanks for the memories and the reminder that they will return!

  3. Beautiful blues! If you miss it you can fly on over to So Cal :0). While today is a bit overcast and cool, most days are still bright and sunny.

  4. Beautiful - the blues of summer. I miss those blues also. Happy
    Blue Monday!

  5. Beautiful blues and they will be back soon.. :). Happy Blue Monday.

  6. Hey, Joy!

    I was going to say, please come join us in Florida! We've got lots of blue to share. :-)

    I love the same things you do! Blue water and blue skies! Both gorgeous.



  7. I am with you! I miss the summer days already. Have a great Blue Monday.

  8. Hi Joy, I'm George's 'other' half... I am enjoying reading your blogs. I have a hard time just doing one. How do you do so many????? I'm a VA gal too--born and raised in the southwest corner!!!

  9. Oh, those beautiful summer days seem so far away now, don't they? Great pictures! ~Rhonda :)

  10. Hi!
    Beach and pool look so inviting. Thanks for sharing.



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