Thursday, December 25, 2008

Friday Fill-Ins #104

Hope everybody is enjoying the holidays. I guess this is the last Friday Fill-Ins of 2008, isn't it? And it looks like a good one, so here goes:

1. I must see Italy before I die.

2. You can't stop time and tide. (You can't stop my hubby from playing with his new digital cable TV package, either. Ah, the 21st Century – what a thing it is!)

3. I wish I never had to buy prescription medications again. I'd be in perfect health – can't be bad.

4. _____ has helped me change my life. Hmmmm. Not sure I've changed my life any time recently.

5. I know the song _____ by heart. Again, hmmmm. Well, I know hundreds of songs by heart. Nay – thousands. (Shut up and pick one!) OK, here's one – I know "Texas Fight" (official fight song of the University of Texas at Austin) by heart. Hook 'em!

6. If I weren't so afraid, I would eat mayonnaise and pickle sandwiches. (But my digestive system would never forgive me.)

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to not doing any cooking (either we eat out, or it's sandwiches tonight, sweetie – but not mayonnaise and pickle), tomorrow my plans include maybe venturing out to sample some of the after-Christmas sales, and Sunday, I want to watch the Cowboys play Philly (and, I hope, win – and apologies to all the Eagles fans out there), and also get some reading done!


  1. Mayo and pickles? Really? I've eaten Mayo and salt (pre-veggie) and do eat mustard and pickles. The BEST is peanut butter and pickles!!! (use "bread & butter" pickles) Try that out on your system! Your tummy will thank you!

  2. Mayo and pickles? Hmm... Peanut butter and pickles? Still not sure. Peanut butter and bacon, though, is awesome!

  3. Joy, not Mayo and Pickles--but Peanut Butter and Mayo---and Banana!!! Yum!!!!

    My son is a 'Hook-em-Horn' fan---but I'm for the REAL U.T. (Tennesse).. ha ha

    Have fun shopping.. I'm not gonna try that!

  4. I think I could do mayo & pickles, but i just don't think it would taste so hot. now, put pickles with vanilla ice cream & I'm there!
    We're hitting the sales later today when my Mr. gets home from work.
    Happy Last Friday Of The Year!!

  5. EAT PRAY LOVE!! I need to see italy too!

  6. I said that same thing for #1. Maybe one of these days we'll pass each other strolling down the street in some quaint village?

    Happy Holidays!!

  7. mayonnaise and pickles - i love them both, but I'm getting indigestion just thinking about them!

  8. mmmm, I have a pickle and hummus sandwich tonight...quite good!

    Thanks for playing :-)


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