Saturday, December 27, 2008

Change Is Good (So They Tell Me)

Well, Christmas 2008 is now a memory. So Joysweb is un-decorating today. I've been playing around with several different blog backgrounds, including some splashy New Year's layouts. But couldn't find one I really liked – they were all too busy and cluttered, or a little too cute for my tastes.

So I'm experimenting with doing my own header. And I think I like this one pretty well. I do love a beach, so maybe I won't mind looking at this view every time I come here. Have to give it a chance to grow on me, I guess.


  1. Beautiful header Joy... Makes me want to go to the beach---but we'll have to wait 'til May. I like the simpler blog sites better... The black backgrounds that some use are hard for me to read.. Am I getting old??? ha


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