Monday, December 8, 2008

Random Photo Monday: All Dolled Up for Christmas

This is a shot of a few of the small dolls in my collection: two Betsy McCalls and a Sasson Ginny. Sorry about the shadows and blurriness – it was taken a few years ago, before we went digital.

Each of these dolls is about 8 inches tall. The tree is a foot high. The Betsy in the middle was found at a Salvation Army store – she was very dirty, and quite bald. See what a little cleaning and a new wig can do?

The other two were bought at the big Eastern National Doll Show held four times a year in Gaithersburg, Maryland. M. and I used to be regular attendees. Never missed a show. But for the last couple of years we've been staying away from the Gaithersburg show – didn't go to the December show this past weekend. Sad. But when you're trying to control a dangerous habit, it's best not to put yourself in the path of temptation.

For all you Blue Monday visitors, if you click on the photo, you'll get a larger version which will allow you to see the blue dress on the first Betsy McCall. I know it doesn't really show up in the smaller shot. For more Blue Monday views, or to participate yourself, visit Smiling Sally's Blue Monday website here.


  1. I remember Betsy McCall dolls, and I must show my daughter the length of the bangs to PROVE to her that short was in STYLE! Why not link this in to Blue Monday. Just enter in as Joy 2 and use this link. Then others will enjoy the blue dress on the one doll.

  2. I don't know much about dolls, but I do know these are pretty cute ;0)

  3. I had forgotten about Betsy McCall dolls. They are lovely. Happy
    Blue Monday!

  4. These are beautiful dolls...Happy Blue Monday and have a lovely week.

  5. They are really precious! Thank you for sharing these with us!


    Sheila... who wishes you the best of Blue Monday!

  6. I didn't know you could still buy the wigs! I need to work on a couple of my vogue dolls -- the ones you brought to me. Where did you get the doll furniture? This is all very cute -- part of your Christmas decorations?

  7. Your dolls are in great shape!

  8. Your Ginny dolls are fabulous. My sister, an antique dealer sells them.
    She does restore them too. Love those dolls.



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