Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Unconscious Mutterings (Week 309)

LunaNina says :: and I think:

Destined :: …for each other (M and me – awwww, how sweet!)
FAIL :: Well, since this is in all caps, I guess it's meant to be some really, really BIG failure – like the Space Shuttle liftoff or your polygraph test.
Camping :: …out (something I do only when forced to by natural disaster or nuclear wipeout)
Only you :: …can prevent forest fires (remember Smokey Bear); also a great old tune by The Platters

:: …drivel (AKA: my blog)
Tomorrow :: …is another day, Rhett
Impressive :: anyone who leaves a comment on my blog (I'm impressed and grateful!)
Riches :: …beyond your wildest dreams (Of course, family and good health are the real riches.)
Dislike :: getting up early; reality TV; war; famine; plague; racism; greed; intolerance; ignorance; washing my hair
Speaker :: …wire; …cable; …box;…of the House

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