Monday, December 22, 2008

Random Photo Monday: Another Christmas Past

Pardon the shameless nostalgia, and the faded condition of the photo. It was Christmas Eve. I was four years old. The pajama doll was a gift, as I recall, from one of my aunts. I'm dressed in the matching sleepwear. Looks like pajamas but it could have been a nightie – don't really remember which. Those dolls were very popular in the 1950s.

The tree is a pretty typical '50s version, too – large multi-colored lights (trust me on that), and lots of tinsel. The ivy that appears to be growing out of it was actually growing in a wall planter behind the tree. My mother always had lots of ivy growing everywhere – I even have a pot of it that I inherited from her, and it's thriving in my living room right now.

Wish I could say that I inherited all the ornaments on the tree, too – I remember there was a little glass snowman and a Santa Claus that I especially coveted. But all my mother's ornaments were broken or lost in a move from San Antonio to Fort Worth, years ago. And the creche was lost or broken or given away years before that. I used to love arranging it and moving the figures around every year. I had a parakeet and a toy fox terrier who also loved playing with it – and in it. So, actually, I guess it's no surprise it didn't make it past my childhood.


  1. I love the picture. I remember all the tinsel on our Christmas trees when I was growing up. We had to carefully place the tinsel so it would hang straight down. And Mom tried to save as much tinsel as possible before the tree was taken down.

  2. Remember putting those icicles on one at a time? We had the same nativity (Winn's possibly?) and I had parts of mine even after the kids were born. Brianna was talking about it the other day -- wishing she could find one like it again. Wish I could help her but I have no idea what happened to mine.

  3. Hmmm. maybe when you come home I could have a cutting of that ivy?


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