Monday, December 15, 2008

Random Photo Monday: Christmas Long Ago, On a Planet Far, Far Away

This week, I'm putting up one of my favorite shots from Christmases Past. This is a snap of me at the age of four, and my cousin MLB, who would have been about ten months old at the time. And I believe we were at her house, because I have another shot of me taken that same year at my house, and the trees are slightly different.

Notice the antique TV. Of course, it was probably state of the art at the time. Not sure what that box on top is – since this was decades before DVD players.

I actually do (vaguely) remember having this picture taken. We had been seated in an adorable pose, holding our nicely wrapped packages and smiling for the camera. I was also holding onto the back of her dress until just before the Brownie snapped. Of course, as soon as I let go, Cuzzie started giggling madly and took off to do a little exploratory crawling. Well, I suppose that just proves she was hard to handle even at that tender age.


  1. The picture is adorable. The tree reminds me of the trees my parents had when I was growing up.

  2. Cute Joy... I have some old photos that look just like that one---even with yellow tint!!! ha... Look at those icicles on that tree. We used to put one icicle on at a time (GADS)--and then when Christmas was over, we'd take them off --one by one--and save them for the next year (even though they were only about a dime a box)! ha ha... Oh those memories!!!!


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